What ditto is Not

Your already have complex (your smartphone). Ditto is simple, because simple matters.

A solution looking for a problem:
Ditto was created to solve real problems – missed calls and lost phones – and we solved them!

A product concept seeking crowd funding to find a solution:
We’ve been developing Ditto from concept to production prototype for 2 years – the hardware is done. Our team of engineers and designers are industry veterans – many of us have been working together for over 15 years. We’ve completed tooling and are working with a leading Chinese manufacturer of high quality, high volume, consumer electronic products. Ditto is expected to begin production before the end of the year.

Too much technology leads to complicated and expensive products.

Smoke & mirrors:
All videos on this site are of real working production prototypes – nothing is simulated.

Ditto is for everyone – women or men. One size fits all.

Another screen:
You already have a smartphone you carry with you. Do you really want a smaller, less ergonomic version of that? Remember, with all Bluetooth devices, you still need to carry your smartphone.

A tracking device:
We value your privacy. We don’t have access to your location. We don’t collect data on you in order to sell to others.

Have you been at a meeting where people are frequently looking at their wrists?

Another device demanding your time and focus:
Isn’t it better to be present with the people around you?

A partial solution:
Ditto comes complete with battery, wristband, slimming coin slot door, and smartphone app.

You won’t be subscribed to robo emails congratulating you on how well you’re doing.

Feature creep:
Sorry, you can’t send your heartbeat to a loved one with Ditto.

A pseudo health device:
Nothing’s worse than bad medical information from cheap products made by companies inexperienced in quality health care.

A fitness device that’s inaccurate or unreliable:
Do you think a wrist worn device will accurately measure your bike riding activity?

Ditto is designed to be worn discreetly. There are no flashing lights or miniature controls. Its elegant design was created by people with products in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

A time waster:
Ditto is completely intuitive to use – no learning required. The app is just used for settings, not a diary for what you had for lunch.

A status symbol:
You might want something to wear to show others how successful you are – but this isn’t it.

Another remote control or payment device:
Your smartphone already does that.

Another hidden camera:
Need we say more?

A watch:
You probably have one or more you love – or you just use your smartphone.

A poor attempt at jewelry:
You already have real jewelry, and you can vary it to suit your mood or dress.

Something that’s uncomfortable to wear all day long:
Who wants that?

We worked hard to design a product that was easily affordable – in fact, an impulse buy.

Something you have to remember to charge every night:
Cool tools should make life easier, not more difficult.

Ditto uses a low-cost, easy-to-find lithium battery. Ditto notifies you when the battery needs replacing—normally in 4 to 6 months.
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